Friday, August 24, 2012

50 Shades of Grey, My Take....

Really, this is Vicki Archer's fault that I'm discussing this book here.
If she can, I can, you know?  Cause Vicki is all things polite, refined & elegant, isn't she?

Anyway, this book is being read by millions of women it seems, 
I believe very young women are the readers
as they probably haven't seen or heard anything about all this 
as they never read Harold Robbins, Jacqueline Susann or the others way back when.

I asked a couple of men friends what their take on this is & I quote:

" do not do SM or Dom Sub stuff, 
I like romantic and wild sex, that's enough, 
I have never done a 3 way."

"I never wanted to tie anyone up or spank them and I don't
think I'm weird"

"Only a perv would want to humiliate a woman and
make her beg.  This is sick."

"Sounds like a total f------ waste of time"

These are well-travelled, educated, highly professional & successful guys.
Like Christian Grey.

Christian is a man determined to get a girl who will be submissive.
That is his only goal. Period.
He can romance her along the way, but the prize for him is her
letting him do as he will with her, anytime, anyplace, anything.

Now, meet Anastasia Steele

  Mostly I didn't believe there could be a girl/woman like
Anastasia, so naive after 4 years of college, 
so desperate for love and/or attention,
so willing to sacrifice herself for the benefit of Christian Grey.
OK, so she got a laptop, a car, yada yada yada.
What else did she get?
Spanked. Demeaned. Dominated. Isolated.
I was not turned on, I was not titillated, I was not entertained,
I was bored.

  I thought if her inner goddess spoke
of how HOT he was again I would D.I.E.
I also thought the saying of "Oh my" was way overdone.
The continued over-stating of her innocence was also
vastly overdone as the story marches on and she is
playing all these abhorrent games with him.
Goodness, if I could find a way to make as much money as the author
I would be so happy, but to tell the truth I couldn't do it this way.
The S&M porn movies do all this, and most people laugh out loud when
they see this stuff.  A nude woman suspended by leather straps from the ceiling,
or hanging from the ceiling in a cage, all the while the man taunting them.
Now, I ask you, seriously...can anyone reading my blog relate to this
and/or think it's waaaay cool?

But, mostly what I think about this book is that it's an episodic story which,
hopefully, has SOME redeeming value at the end of the 3rd missive.
I won't know because I will never read another word.

For an hilarious and thumbs-down review by a professional
book reviewer please go

be warned the reviewed is very very profane & very very angry that
a book this terrible could receive the attention it has.

And, just today I heard it could be a movie !!
A movie?  Really?
"50 Shades of Porn" is the working title, I hear.
Anyway, what break-out actor/actress would agree to be in this film?

The author was asked if she thought it invoked the "Twilight"
spirit, and eager to jump in that train, she said it did.
Of course, it's nothing like the "Twilight" books or movies which
offer imagination, creative imagery, and a love story which
is completely normal, if you forget one of them is a vampire.

My take:  it's juvenile, does not have a decent story at all,
and if you are over 30 it is seriously boring.
Anyone who sees a love story in the 1st book is reaching, it
spans only a few weeks & leaves one hanging.
At that point only the author knows what could happen next.
Crazy world, isn't it?

Your take, please?