Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Had An Outfit....

when I say this photo today it reminded me of an outfit I had long ago,
all white lace, with underlining in white silk was a pant outfit, surplice wrap tie, which tied
at the waist, and lace pants...the top stopped just below my hips, and the pants looked just like this.

so it must be true:

if you wore it the 1st time, you're too old to wear it the 2nd time it comes around.


Erdem Spring/Summer 2012

back then everyone dressed up to attend art gallery openings, cocktail parties, going out to dinner...
so much more glamourous than today...
but today is good, just in a different way.

back in Houston for Fall/Holidays/beginning of the new year,
maybe my time in the hill country has come to an end no matter what the season,
we just cycle around in what we like...kinda like fashion.

so much to come !!



  1. Lovely grey and lovely lace Marsha, I love grey.
    I know what you mean about dressing up back then, it was all so glamorous and the girls of today are still looking back at those days and wishing they'd been there with us! My two girls always say about those times and want to hear all the stories and see the photographs, they wish I'd kept hold of the clothes too. Ah well time moves on.

    Hugs dear friend,
    Jane x

  2. this is beauuuutiful!!! and I bet you can pull it off still.

    I like dressing up to go places, I do wish people still did that... I sometiems dress up at home for no reason lol :P much love your way Marsha!!!

  3. I wish people still dressed up like they did a few years back. The way I look at it, if I want to dress up, I don;t care if everyone else is in jeans. Just me.
    Happy Wednesday, Marsha.

  4. this is so similar to my engagement dress!
    Hope you are having a wonderful summer.f

  5. Marsha,

    You are so right, people did dress up, or at least put on something other than shorts and jeans. I still dress up, I do not wear jeans...ever and hate wearing pants. I just think for me and my shape a dress or a skirt looks better. Not to mention it looks a little more than casual/ I think you have to wear what makes you feel good!

    Have a great night, Elizabeth

  6. Hi,Marsha!

    Your outfit from then is just adorable..................lace with stones and silk makes it gorgeous:-)))*

    Oh,I can imagine HOW much waiting you coming back.........!!!


  7. I can't see a picture and I so wanted to, the outfit sounds perfect~!!!!!! I have to admit I don't dress up like I once did BUT when I do I admittedly feel like a million bucks and it really affects your attitude. I wish things haven't gotten so casual in this country, like when you are traveling and hitting the airport and see everyone in those dreadful velour sweatsuits (ugh) and baggy jeans and sloppy attire...yuck! Even I know to dress smart when traveling......whats happened to our country!

  8. Oh wow, this is gorgeous. I wish we could still get all dressed up sometimes, it's so much fun! Hope you have a beautiful day!

  9. Hi Marsha

    This is divine and timeless. I say wear it in good health

    Helen xx

  10. Oh goodness we must be the same age...I had something very similar. Me thinks you are right...if we wore it now...we might look like Stevie Nicks...not that she can't pull it off...but sadly not me...

  11. Hello Marsha,
    The 'Queen Of Style'
    bee x


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