Tuesday, August 14, 2012


UK - Oxon - Blenheim Palace Gates By Darrell Godliman

as we travel back & forth from home to the Texas Medical Center for
radiation treatments I have much time to reflect on, well, almost everything.

REK's driver is up front with him and I sit alone in the back with Rush Limbaugh's radio program running.  I do quite like Paul Ryan, btw.  

I think how far medical technology has advanced in the last 30-40-50 years 
and reflect that so much of it was because of NASA 
and their contractors, and now NASA is closing.

I think how fortunate we are to be in Houston with 
all the greatest cancer facilities 30 minutes away.

then I think our positive mind-set is a part of the treatment too.

& so is good nutrition, hydration, good sleep, and having no stress.

no stress.  
does anyone know how to accomplish this?

my patient receives the best care, has a household full of help so he is, in fact,
in assisted living :)'s

he's positive & so am I, so are his adult children

I am learning much about foods, the real values of eating a super high-protein diet,
that nothing can replace real cow's milk (even no fat milk, lactose-free milk, etc.)
because of the calcium & protein.

that radiation makes people really really tired as the treatments go on,
so the stressful thing for me is that I keep all stress from him, you know?

& a new medication for pain, a nasal spray, called
Lazanda, a fentenyl spray, super fast-acting in about 5 minutes, lasts up to
1 hour.  REK has bad back pain when he lies on the metal radiation table, it
is agonizing.  2 sprays of this new Rx takes ALL the pain away.
it is a miracle drug.

why Blenheim Palace's photo...
because it looks peaceful, a quiet place for reflection.
all in all I am doing OK.

take care of yourselves, my friends.
if you haven't before, begin today.
it makes a huge difference in your future.

love to you all....

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