Monday, September 10, 2012

Poll Question....

We are taking a poll (not political, don't worry)
about some new jewelry items we might carry.

Would you wear this piece?

It's 5" wide at the widest point,
has a 21" drop.

I can see it in so many ways this Fall/Holiday season,
but I'm an accessories person, of course.

What do you guys think?

The price would be about $150.00 & we would only buy 6 pieces.

no matter what you say your opinion is valuable to me, so thanks very much...
if you really hate it, please just say so...




  1. I like the wings, and the first circle, but somehow the second drop is not right, it needs to be glitzier or weirder or more somehow. love the wings

    1. Dru, the pendant drop is a white/creamy stone. Maybe we could take the stone off and replace it with a semi-precious faceted drop of some kind? Good input, thanks so much.

  2. Hi Marsha, my first reaction is wow!... and my second was exactly as Dru described regarding the second drop without even having read the other comment... but with the right dress it would be amazing for the right occasion.

    Marsha, I want to thank you again for the beautiful earrings! Your readers can take a look at them on my blog

  3. Hi. Marsha, what a wonderful piece, love everything with wings.
    Love coming here.
    Have a blessed new week.

  4. Hi Marsha, I'm not fussed on wings as I've seen many cheap ones around especially in the teen market as personally think that they're a bit over done.

  5. I will sound insane......but when I am asked a question; I answer it!

    I like it.....but it is not big enough for me!


  6. A lovely piece. Though in all honesty I would not personally wear it I know many people who would who are way more "fashion forward" than I am:) Talk about a "statement piece"!!

  7. A very pretty piece, but not something I would wear. It appears there are plenty of other women who would, however!

  8. It may be for some but just is not my style. Keep up the good work though. It's a good thing that everything is not for everyone or just think how boring the world would be.

  9. Hi Marsha

    I personally would not wear it. Those wings are sort of harley davidsonesque to me but I am in Holly's camp. You ladies have much better style than I. I love scarves, but am kind of boring when it comes to jewelry! I think you know your market and have very good insight for that!

  10. It's pretty, but too large a piece for me. I agree with Cindy about the wings. The first thing I though of when I saw it was Harley Davidson. But from the comments, you've got a lot of yeses.

  11. It is a beautiful statement necklace but being short afraid it would be too big for me, personally. XO, pinky


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