Monday, October 1, 2012

By Invitation Only, Chapter 12

International Blog Party

And, so it goes....

"there is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on,
and produce so pleasant an effect on the feelings, 
as now in October?"
Nathaniel Hawthorne

We thought we would talk about
Thoughts of October
this month,
though it certainly means different seasons across the world, doesn't it?

The Nathaniel Hawthorne quotation has always spoken to me.
Maybe because in Texas we don't have dramatic seasonal changes like most of the rest of you.
But, no matter what, by October we see Fall everywhere.
This year the weather is cooperating giving us cool & sunny days, bright & crisp mornings.

When we were at school most of September was about getting settled in, meeting new people,
trying to find your classrooms. 
It was only with the arrival of October that any gaiety took place.

At home the mothers prepared for Halloween, Thanksgiving menus,
holiday parties and Christmas.   Ahhhh, yes, Christmas.

And, of course, the apparel changed, didn't it?

Yesterday, I was at Michael's looking at all the lovely Fall/Holiday decorations.
I so wanted to load up a cart with many new things.
I had an autumn wreath designed in my head, and even looked around to see
if the elements I needed were there.
(I have an entire storage space holding nothing but decorations, silk flowers,
fake poinsettia in pots to line up around our pool...1000's of items, some of them
purchased but never used only because I had too much already).

But, then I remembered I only have myself to decorate for.
No one cheering me on as the transitions take place, no one applauding all the hard
work, no one to share it with except for the neighbors who would drive by.

That kinda made me pensive and a bit sad.

Today, I'm thinking this is just the way of life, of everyone's life.
Our children grow up, move away, have their own families...
and the wives do all the same preparations I used to do.
You know?

Most of you aren't at this spot just yet, but be prepared for the same
wistful feeling.

But, fight it off.
Understand it's your time to enjoy someone else's creativity, to admire what they've 
done in their homes, and to cheer them on.
Give them some of the vast collections of decorations you have.
It doesn't matter what they do with them does it?

I'm going to make my Pumpkin Chiffon Pies,
get some beautiful big pots of chrysanthemums for the front door,
and light my fireplaces.

Along with a glass of fine red wine I will watch the
political debates with relish and thank the good Lord that I now have the
luxury of time to do this.

I will go to lunch with my girlfriends, shop for a couple of new outfits to wear
when I go to lunch with my girlfriends, find a batch of movies at RedBox,
have my flowerbeds cleaned out so we can plant the fall variations.

 And, of course, I will be watching NFL football with my friends,
cheering for the Houston Texans, who are 4-0,
The New England Patriots & Peyton @ Denver Broncos.

 The creation of my Fall/Holiday jewelry collection is well under way,
and I must say I'm happy with what we've done so far.
You will see it all soon.

Beautiful October, isn't it?


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