Saturday, October 20, 2012

Now, This is Good Looking....

from the master himself, Giorgio Armani,
Black Label Fall 2012

1st of all, the deceptively simple little dress
shown here beaded & sequined,
could be just as beautiful in a print, in red, for example.

perfect for the holidays.

any red dress for instance,
add long strands of beads, more important than dangling earrings,
to make a simple, go anywhere outfit simply fabulous.
black band at the bottom, black hosiery, simple black shoes.
love it all.

remember what I say:
"if it's not fatal or permanent, go for it!!"

fashion is supposed to be whimsical, fun and current...
it takes a bit of dash to wear this many strands of beads,
but anyone can put on a couple of strands and achieve the same lovely look.

below, some of the long chains in our shop, icon top right...

will you try it?