Monday, October 1, 2012

Preview of Things to Come...

the coming of October

a few reminders of this beautiful month, the colors, 
the evocativeness of these photographs makes me swoon


Karen Elson by Sølve Sundsbø for Numéro #58 November 2004



 Does it ever appear that big????


Full Moon (by gienkhan)

& a reminder that Tuesday, October 2nd, there will be another of our monthly posts
by the international group of women, our friends of

we have 2 new members joining us this you must check in to see who they are,
1 super well-known to most of you, and another brilliant & creative ladybug we are
thrilled to have added. 

Don't miss out of this post !!!

The theme is simple this time, something with which everyone can identify.
& it will be beautiful.

Honk if you'll be with us !!

also, the Fall/Holiday issue of Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine has published.
I would like to encourage each of you to support Angela in her efforts with
this publication.  It is so well done, you won't be disappointed.
Plus, Splenderosa is an advertiser and this quarter we have the
featuring some of our Fall/Holiday merchandise.

go HERE to see the magazine

go HERE to subscribe

Happy Monday, everyone