Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rustic Retail....

I've collected etched & cut glass decanters for a long time so when I saw this photo I stopped
dead in my tracks.  

Don't know if you've seen the magazine Garden & Gun, which is kinda-sorta Southern,
the following article was featured about this darling little shop in Greenville, South Carolina:

By Jessica MischnerNovember 13, 2012

On a recent trip to Asheville, I took a detour through Greenville, South Carolina, to visit We Took to the Woods, a hunter-gatherer-style gift shop run by Denise Corey and designer/stylist Mary McKittrick Campbell. Open for a short, pop-up stint last winter, the store is now keeping extended hours—the better to accommodate the cool-hunting shoppers who have sussed out its word-of-mouth location.
Inside, the vibe feels more like a secret hideout than an overt commercial venture, but there's no shortage of reasons to pull out your wallet. Farmhouse tables piled high with small-batch honeys and jams, Stumptown Coffee, maple syrup aged in whiskey barrels, and a house line of custom-scented candles share space with Los Poblanos artisan grooming products, Libeco linens, vintage camp blankets, and hand-picked haberdashery.

What can I tell you, I would love it there !!!

there is a 
GC of $200 Splenderosa Jewelry Giveaway 

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  1. Your jewelry is amazing! Thanks for the opportunity. I sure could use some Christmas help.

  2. Marsha,

    I love Garden and Guns! It is a fabulous magazine and its a shame more people do not know about it...I think it the gun part scares people off. Although the guns they feature are works of art and are really a small part of the magazine. The rest is pure southern magic!

    This store looks fabulous! I cannot wait to go on my next trip through NC.

    Take care, Elizabeth

  3. Garden and Gun? That is a very interesting magazine title, I don't think I would ever associate a garden with a gun! Perhaps in an Agatha Christie book or film! That shop looks gorgeous I think I would love it there too.

  4. It reminds me of stores in Lake Placid that I love, so cozy and inviting.. just love it!
    xo Karolyn

  5. Amazing photos..I hope you're having a wonderful week!

  6. GORGEOUS! Oh that first picture has me swooning.....loooove it!

  7. That first picture is beautiful. This sounds like a neat place to shop too. I entered the giveaway, crossing my fingers (and toes if it will help:):):)

  8. Marsha, my kind of shop! I am visiting South Carolina in March, and will look into it, perhaps in will be in my vicinity! Thank you, N.xo

  9. I always enjoy my time in the South Carolina. Charleston was absolutely amazing. Beautiful antiques and floral arrangements. Shiree'

  10. I love that little shop! the flower arrangement is gorgeous. I am yet to visit South Carolina , I cannot wait to go Charleston as it is on my list of potential places to live, away from the North East brutal winters and extreme taxes...

  11. I LOVE the magazine and subscribed a few months ago. For my birthday my daughter made the pear pistachio cake from the most recent issue - delicious! The shop looks like my kind of place!

  12. Love the giveaway and love your site. The jewelry is beautiful.

  13. That shop looks mountain chic!


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