Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Champagne, Jewelry & Christmas

anyone ever have Karolus Magnus Champagne?
it has floating 24k Gold flecks inside the bottles.
we used to drink it all the time, but then the USDA or some other
agency decided it could no longer be imported to the USA.
as I recall it was from Germany.

it was beautiful to serve & this photo reminds me so much of those times.

now, Spain is producing Maset 24K Gold Sparking Wine which looks the same,
but is about 10 times the price !

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Chanel backstage jewelry for Pre-Fall 2012 fashion 

Emilio Pucci - S/S 2013 Ready to Wear

It’s so cold outside! I wish I had someone to cuddle with! 


  1. Marsha, what a beautiful post! Especially, I love the splash of red a the woman walks up the steps...where was that taken? It looks so familiar.
    If the government isn't careful, those elected officials employees servants PUTZS...there, finally got it right!...will be the end of us. There is a holistic school of thought that says ingesting small particles of gold is good for what ails us.
    love the last photo and the falling snow...beautiful!

  2. Beautiful photos, Marsha. That first one just sums up a great party!

  3. Gorgeous images Marsha and LOVE that last one xx

  4. Stunning images - the last is so pretty. Makes me wish for snow!

  5. Such a pretty post....and wish I had tried that champagne! Sounds wonderful....

  6. LOVe this post,my dear,dear Marsha!

    It lloks amazing CHRISTMAS......wonderful!:-)))*

    HOU amazing is those white boese with a very much goldcolors jewelleries!
    And the last one snow image is breathtaking!!!

    Hugs and Love,

  7. Beautiful photos, I LOVE this last one:)


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