Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Dressing..

do you actually see gentlemen dressed like this?
we in Houston do.
most people don't realize what a big, international city Houston is, a business city.
and we have a huge social set, so at a holiday party it would not be
unusual to see a man attired thusly.
and it's so nice as the world is mostly casual these days.

love the younger vibe of this look

and the older vibe of this one

 we never see this.
do you?
but what a great photo.

ahhhh this coat (though it looks too small as shown here),
this jacket, the shirt & tie....oh yes, so so pretty.

what are your guys wearing during this holiday season?



  1. Hello Marsha

    I love the first photo - it looks very British. I'm afraid we do not see such glamour on men, here in Florida. The preppy look prevails

    Have a glorious weekend


  2. Good point, better start thinking about it ...(: Xmas party is around the corner oops ... And I am in charge of the navy Colours ...
    Xo z

  3. Love a well dressed man... there is nothing more attractive than a good suit, shirt and tie... and cufflinks... those I really love...
    Happy Sunday Marsha, xv

  4. I can't remember the last time I saw my husband in a suit. Shame too because he has some beautiful ones and looks great in them. I'll take Pierce any day of the week...hubba hubba!


  5. I wish so much that people would DRESS UP more!!!! I love to get dressed and always try to look my best, even when grocery shopping. The men around here seem to not care alot. I have to BEG my husband to dress up:( My son, however is a true fashion plate:):)

  6. I choose the man in door number three,Marsha! Is there anything better than a well-dressed man? I think not.
    Happy Sunday.

  7. Living out of the city.... we don't see a lot of men dressed up. I think also living in So. California we are a bit more casual. I wish there was more occasions to dress up a bit.


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