Sunday, December 16, 2012

What? Pre-Fall 2013? + 2-3 Other Things

there are only a few looks I liked from these collections,
I thought Chanel's Scottish look was theatrical & unwearable
for the most part, but then I have always thought Karl shows too many styles at all of his shows, it's confusing to the buyers as there
are so many variations on the same theme.

anyway, below 3 looks I really like...for me, that is.

Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2013

Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2013

Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2013

don't you love these shoes?

Donna Karan

some other things I like


the tree.
(via Country Christmas Tree Tag Set, TAG-1)

Ann Getty's Table

Ann Getty Interior Style - over the top wonderful!


| ♕ |  The Plaza - Lux hotel in NYC  | by © Examiner
some of the best memories of my life were spent here, 
both at the Plaza and in NYC
during holidays, with my daughter & husband, 
with my girlfriends as we went to all the shows, 
shopped till we dropped, and caught up on all the gossip from the locals...
truly there is nothing more exciting 
than being in New York at this time of year.

even Rockefeller Center seems cool then.
walking through Central Park with snow falling on us,
petting all the horses hooked up to carriages,
and laughing, smiling, having fun doing absolutely nothing except being outside.

HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of you, my friends
from around the world.