Friday, January 25, 2013

High Drama Question

you're attending a cocktail buffet 

in this home over the weekend...

which one of these outfits would you choose to wear?
they are all appropriate...




this home could be anywhere, but it really does look like a country home in

so, let's say the answer to this question is like a little personality test...

which would you choose for yourself...

& never mind age or figure...



  1. Oh,my................just a lot of damage!

    And I think,I would not choose one of these outfits because of no good style relationships between all these dresses....
    Maybe only this sweatdress,but also...still a very big question because there is something not really correctly.....

    And maybe if it would possible,I should made absolutely another combination for the last one image:-)))*

    Sending you my hugs,Marsha and big XXX from a very big ''snowland'' Holland!

    1. Of course, Violetta, you should wear one of your own creations...which would be the most stunning outfit in the room !

    2. I´am so sorry............:-(((
      But indeed,maybe I have too own taste:-)*


  2. Ah, Marsha...what a stunning room....for me, it would have to be the second one...I LOVE it....many years ago, I had something very similar in black cashmere...I gave it to a friend...oh, how I wish I still had it!!
    Have a wonderful weekend...and by the way which was your choice?

    1. Catherine! did your friend die?

      If she is still alive; call her and ask if she is still wearing it!! Good chance you might get it back!

      Do that before she gives it to the Salvation army!

    2. oh ps.

      I loved them all, too! They are so "Texan"!

  3. it is easy to boot out the middle one...unless i have to stand outside. the last is my fav, i could have pulled a version out of my closet.i think i would add my Splenderosa statement necklace!

  4. I would probably wear the sweater dress because it's safe. But if I were really cool-The first outfit would be a huge hit! I love that!

  5. Oh La La ... these are all great! But I would choose number one ... the unexpected cowboy boots ... make it unique and what a fabulous way to be different than in such a great outfit. Hugs, C. (HHL)

  6. Number 3 is my style - but if I had the sweater dress I would be wearing it right now. Chilly here!

  7. I would go for No. 1. It was the cowboy boots and Texas connection that did it for me ;-)

  8. Love the room Marsha, amazing ceilings and gorgeous floor ... mmm I would go #1.

  9. I'll take the sweater dress and I would want to wear it every day!

  10. If we don't have to worry about AGE or figure, I choose #1, for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I will take 1 because its a great blend of glam meets inner its sophistication and fun all in one! I love these kinds of posts...enjoy your evening!

    1. The huge Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo is about to commence so everything around her is High Texan right now. I would, maybe, add a great hat.

  12. Love the separates combo of #3...I'm such a separates girl always moving things around and putting things together differently every time. AND I always love a jacket! The glitzy belt is to die for! Would love to wear #2 at a ski lodge for dinner but would change the shoes...not sure to what, though. Although #1 is not my style at all, I do love the rough/luxe of it; so unexpected!
    Hmmmm...has me thinking of planning my own cocktail party!
    --Lee Ann

  13. I did not read any comments before I wrote this! I cannot think of anything where I can ignore age or size! (it must be in my genes!
    However; I tried! The choice #3 just felt wonderful to me!

    (My guess is Ralph) just wonderful!

    I also love the house where the party is!

    What a fabulous blog!

    You are a "wonder"!!!


    ps I have I surprise for you! My client's great (possibly great-great) grandmother wrote a book about "table decorations"!

    (she was a legend in her own time in Dallas! And was a patron of Van Cliburn!!)

    Back with more, soon!

    Boy, do I love Texas.....because, of course, the Texans!

  14. Reading some of the comments! I have diagnosed myself!

    No question about it!

    I am a "Texas wannabe"!
    I think (and hope) I was a Texan in another life!

    1. Penelope, Texas would welcome you with open arms. Come visit me anytime.

  15. If it's a cocktail party with a warm fire going then number one for sure, casual but classy! That room is stunning!


  16. For sure I would go with #1. I'm a Texas girl and I love my cowboy boots.


  17. Hi Marsha! It is always so inspiring over here! Love that knitted number...tumbling right off the couch! have a wonderful week! Trish

  18. The third. Neither too revealing nor too covered, plus a little oxymoronic pattern and texture:). If it ain't intellectual, it ain't me. Ha!

  19. The third one, without doubt. It is elegant, feminine, quirky and original.

  20. Marsha, amei o look de nº3, elegância especial, peculiar, com leve toque de irreverencia. Creio que os anfitriões sentir-se-iam prestigiados, considerando que o evento é um cocktail. Afetuoso abraço.


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