Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Perfect Place of Repose....

do you cherish your alone time as much as I?

time spent doing exactly what we want, without observers?

even if it's just applying makeup or doing our hair,
to me it's so much better if I have my own space.

it's not that I mind sharing spaces, although truly I've had my own bathroom
for so long it's hard to go back to sharing as we have to do when on vacation, you know?
it's HIS clutter that bothers me, nothing else.  :)'s

when I saw this photo below I just sighed....perfect...a perfect place.

even if you can't sleep at night this gives one another option without bothering anyone.
& it's big enough for me and my 2 doggies,
but mostly I love the oomphie-ness of it,
& the shades of neutrals.  
the softness.

& a little something to slip on



&, perhaps, these earrings from our shop


don't you LOVE this?



  1. I do love it! Lucky enough to have my own bathroom, know exactly what you mean! Can't snuggle up too well wih one of the dogs being a French Bulldog, he snorts and makes all sorts of noises. X

  2. Wow what a stunning post. And yes, the older I get the more I love my space. It's a blessing!

  3. Oh I do indeed love my own space! I know exactly what you mean...beautiful place to snuggle with the pups to be sure and that dress! I am in love with that dress, it is a work of art.

    Have a great week!

  4. I'm definitely with you on this. I have to have my own space to catch my breath and be alone with my thoughts. This space is perfect. I want it! x Sharon

  5. YES I treasure my alone time and NEED it. Definitely as I am have gotten older, its more all your "little somethings to throw on"!

  6. Oh YES,.....I LOVe the first one image here,Marsha! Just really perfect:-)))*

    And natural shades of your designs are always perfect!!!

    I do like you choices,
    Thank you for share,

    Hugs from me,

  7. That chaise looks like one of the most comfy spots on earth and that embroidered number...WOW

  8. I feel more relaxed already...gorgeous!

  9. I do LOVE my alone time, Marsha...always have ;-)
    and the room is idyllic and I would love to slip the little something on you've shown here...beautiful post.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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