Monday, January 14, 2013

Take Another Look...+ GIVEAWAY

last week when I posted this photo of a beautiful bedroom

I commented that the 2 things I did not like were the bedside tables &
Phyllis @ Henhurst Interiors said she agreed with me.

via a few emails we decided it would be fun for Phyllis to choose the
tables and lamps SHE would choose for this gorgeous space...
+ any other changes she would make.
I mean, after all she is a fabulous designer whom we all admire, it
just made sense.  Phyllis lives in beautiful Vermont, one of my favorite
places in the USA, and what I really like her design work is that it's
completely uncluttered & serene.
Hop on over to visit her website too:  here

then, as girls will do, it turned into a thought about an outfit
complimenting this room.  
Oh, yes...that's me for sure.

so, today you'll see Phyllis's interpretation of the bedroom right on her blog post today

& after much thought about "bedroom" dressing, I just
threw caution to the wind and came up with something
I adore which is casual, and which any one of us could easily wear.

D&G fabulous X10

one of my favorite color palettes of all time...
the sleek, modern grays & silvers...

now it's your turn...
what do you think?

go over to Phyllis place and tell her too.

someone who makes a comment will win a piece of

SPLENDEROSA'S Fashion Jewelry

maybe even a leather wrap bracelet in steel gray.

so new, they are not even on our website yet.
retail value $ 65