Sunday, January 13, 2013

This Girl Has It All Going On

Kerry Washington
in Miu Miu on the red carpet at the Golden Globes,
she's in Django Unchained as well as a new TV show.

To me, she is perfection.
The dress, the length, the color, her hair...the entire package is what fashion
is all about.
Not the swag, the opulence overdone, the big boobs, etc.
which were all  so clearly shown by Jennifer Lopez (& I really like JLo),
or the major drama gown fit for a ballroom for a charity gala given in some major city.

The Golden Globes ceremony is basically a
formal seated dinner.

The Vera Wang gown Lucy Liu wore made me laugh out loud.
Where are the stylists to whom the stars pay big money?
The gown Catherine Bigelow wore looks like it was at least 10 years old,
I have a Badgley-Mischka gown very similar so I know.
It doesn't matter the age of the outfit if it's wearer can just groom herself
up suitably. Ms. Bigelow's makeup really needs major help, maybe on the
set of a film she's OK, but for a big night out she could do better.

Jennifer Lawrence just completely captivates me.
I saw her performance in "Winter's Bone" and knew she
would be a huge star someday.  
She dresses age appropriately and always looks really splendid.

No surprises for me from the GG's.
I love Quentin Tarentino & Ben Afflick so I'm happy they were noticed.

Now, I can look forward to the beginning of

yep, our Texans lost to the Patriots today but, hey, so has
every other team in the country.
if you are a betting girl, go for them to win the
Super Bowl
& I'll be OK with that cause I do love me some Tom Brady
(& Gisele).