Monday, February 18, 2013

Burberry Fall 2013 1st Take From Me...

watched the live show via video this morning, and these were my thoughts
as the models cruised the catwalk.

leather skirts, very very nipped in and narrow, longer hemlines,
blouses tucked in, ladylike styling,
low heeled shoes with everything, literally everything,
heart-shapes on everything

classic trenches with gold or silver metallic embellishments

burgundy polo shirt tucked  into an embellished skirt, like with short fringe

military precision

giraffe prints with bold stripes

but, somehow, seemed a very somber collection,
except for his love affair with grommets.

normally we don't think of Fall when Spring/Summer for us has not yet appeared,
however, I do believe seeing these collections gives us a very good idea what our
transitional looks, and outfits which can be worn 12 months a year, like here in Texas,
can be filled in with for now.

these longer hemlines and low shoes....

I love it !!s

now, I'll wait until writes their commentary
to see if I came close to their review.

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