Friday, February 15, 2013

Ralph, Channeling Anna

his theme for Fall '13 is, perhaps, Anna Karenina...
but it's also pure "Ralph"
the one & only Ralph.

notice the large bag, the huge oversized coat, a piece I predict
will sell out almost overnight because it works for so many occasions.

same with this delectable outfit,
one I wish I had right this minute.

daywear, longer skirts for certain

notice the jewelry, the long, swinging necklaces, large opulent earrings

Oscar worthy

the collection did not have any color, except the dark sapphire blue & the browns,
only black & white.

it is the most beautiful day in Houston, crisp & clear, so a good day for walking the
dogs and myself (which I used to enjoy so much).  We have a 3-mile jogging track
around Memorial Park, only a few minutes from the house, and I'm determined
to get myself back over there. I may not run, but the dedicated walking would help
mind & body a lot, I think.

I used to do that track at least 3 times a week & I need to return to that regimen.
staying in and working hard does not release stress and worry, so as we
turn to Spring the need to be out there is strong.

therefore, I need new shoes.
Friday is a good day for buying a great pair of running shoes, isn't it?

is anyone else watching the TV show of Kerry Washington's, "Scandal?"
it gets better every episode, I think.

& now with all the eliminations over at American Idol it will get be good
to watch also.  I have learned to adore Nicki Minaj, her hilarious expressions
& brilliant wit make the show worth watching.