Friday, February 8, 2013


a room & an outfit
one of my favorite things to do lately

maybe it's because we have some work going on at the house
& I'm dreaming instead of supervising the work?

anyway, this is fun even if meaningless...

Splenderosa's Double Wrap Bracelet, Black/Crystals, in the shop now

nothing succeeds like black and white with a little gray, does it?



  1. Oh I really don't think its meaningless..
    I enjoyed looking at it and honestly
    it inspires me and makes me feel happy inside.
    that is what beautiful things do to me.

  2. Ann, I think we have much in common and this is the beauty of blogging isn't it?

  3. It might be meaningless to others but if you're redecorating it means something to you. I'm getting into the black and white look lately paired with gray and since we're doing work at our home and having the living room painted so this is inspiring to me.

    Enjoy your weekend Marsha!


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