Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Tisket, A Tasket....

Well, this will blow some of my readers out of the water,
but....can you believe these new pieces?

They come in sets of 7-Strands of the same color ways,
but I'm willing to mix them up because that will be the way I wear them.

There is no clasp, they are 60" long.

Each Set of 7 Strands - $ 40
Single Strands - $ 10

imagine wearing them long, not doubled, with certain outfits,
along with a chain, for example,
or a solid rope of pearls.

or wearing a single strand of 2,3,4 colors

I didn't think I would like the gold but I actually love it.

Indigo Blue
all the necklaces include Turquoise/White



Hot Pink


Mandarin Orange



they are available via our shop, 
which you can find via the icon at the top of my
right sidebar,

or if you would like to mix them up, buy a single strand, please

or call