Monday, March 11, 2013


too much stress makes me a dull girl, seriously.
life has been so busy,  and some unexpected news has cropped up,
it may not be good...

Louis Vuitton

going for a few days with a couple of girlfriends, 
all the men are staying home & going to work,
and are probably happy we are all out of the city for awhile.

St Barth Photo Aerienne Laurent Benoit Jpg

St. Barths
a French colony in the West Indies

& it is completely "French" - including the French contemporary way of decorating,
casual yet uptown...
& so close to Houston

these photos are of one of the top hotels, LeGuanahani,
which has a Clarins Spa on the property,
as well as every conceivable activity...
the island itself has a fabulous nightlife & great shopping.

plus, it's not hot.
we really love this place, it has a Riviera vibe and it's completely beautiful,
especially the water.

Ferragamo Bag


I am definitely taking this piece with me, wearing it with lots of black/silver wrap bracelets,
and my great big studs (which almost never come off when I'm travelling) :)'s

us ladies have decided to pack black & white, with different bright accessories &
jewelry...that way we can trade with each other and always look different.
kinda like room-mates, right?
needless to say, I'm packing most of the jewelry.
but, we're gonna be casual, for Texans that is.

for more info on this heavenly place please click HERE