Thursday, March 7, 2013

Love the Lines.....

Marc-Michaels Interior Design.

this is what the windows in our home look like, maybe even a bit higher in most rooms &
in the living room they are 2-stories high. 

I love this because it takes advantage of the depth of field outside...
we see nothing but sky and trees up top.

and, yes, it's a huge undertaking to clean the windows.

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other than that we have nothing to offer  :)'s


soaking up the sun



  1. I'd set myself down at that table and gaze out, quite happily...

  2. I love your new header Marsha!!!! It reminds me of spring and for someone getting another foot of snow I need spring. What do you mean you have nothing to offer? You've bought people together for your "invitation only" series and opened a whole world of new blogs for me. And then there's your friendship, a friendship I value. You have a great deal to offer and personally I can't wait to see what you have in store!

    Hugs to you my friend~

  3. Beautiful new header Marsha, and I truly enjoy your posts here, especially "by Invitation Only " an inspiring, intelligent group of women, thank you, N.xo

  4. OK YOUR HEADER is where I want to be and then in that lovely room in your house with those windows(:
    flawlessly stylish Marsha!
    xo Z

    ps thanks for stopping by and your valued opinion!!

  5. love it all Marsha, the cat looks blissful ! I have been away but will check out your invitation only over the weekend, xo

  6. Lucky lady you are - there is nothing I love more than floor to ceiling windows to take in the wonderful outdoors...gorgeous!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~

  7. Love the new look...beautiful! And those windows are gorgeous. I love big tall windows that allow the outside in, even though it means more work...soooo worth it. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Love the new heading...fabulous as always my dear!


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