Friday, March 8, 2013

Most Beautiful Back Garden in the World

Great outdoor space...

I am working on re-landscaping, redoing, replanting, re-envisioning the garden area
of my home right now so every time I see something that takes my breath away I save it
for my inspiration file.

this one just had to be shared.

where do you think it is?

(i don't know)

& having nothing to do with gardens, but something else that I JUST HAD TO SHARE,
this brilliant post from my friend Karen @ Pas Grand-Chose
where she shares beautiful photos of the bazaar of Marrakech.
tell her I sent you!

if you don't follow already I would be so pleased to have you...
& thank you to all my regulars and faithful friends...

happy weekend



  1. It does take one's breath away. Thanks for sharing. Hope we'll get to see photos of your garden space.

  2. So beautiful, love the water, the patio area and Love the green area...soooo pretty and comforting.

  3. It is so beautiful
    love it too.

  4. Love the setting and wish it was my backyard! Yes Marsha I hope you'll share your backyard after you're finished with it.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Have just been staring entranced at this, noticing the details (the paving stones, dappled shade from the pergola). Really a dream garden. Good luck and happy planning!

  6. Marsha.....I can imagine that you want to do something that!!!:-)*

    Breathtaking gorgeous garden!!!
    I see there on the photo a mountains....should be that in France or Italy...:-)))*
    I keep it in my mind!
    And look forward to you newphotos from your own garden:-)*

    Sunshining hugs to you,

  7. Ahhh heavenly. Soooo beautiful....wouldn't mind there right this minute in fact:)

  8. You are so right- it is gorgeous. But I am sure you will come up with something just as divine. Susan @Romancing the Home

  9. Can you imagine doing yoga in that back yard? So beautiful!

    1. Gam, I went over to visit you but you had no posts. I will wait.

  10. South of France if I were to guess! It sure is gorgeous!

  11. I agree with you, it's wonderful - love these french floors with cement and river stones.
    Have a nice day!

  12. Its gorgeous ! I will save it for my inspiration also, our garden is in need of an overhaul !!

  13. If only I could do this with my back yard. It is a sanctuary!!! Miss you! xo

  14. Wow. That garden is spectacular. Napa? Italy? It is gorgeous!

  15. A memorable garden! I'd like to say it was my back yard;'s not. I'm sure you will do something lovely!

  16. Hi Marsha! it is a true paradise this garden...I am so starved for greenery, I can't even explain it...and this photo just lifts my live in a warm climate...enjoy the gardening...can't wait to see photos! Will you share your garden? xo Z


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