Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Country House Kitchen Ideas....

  because there is a beautiful vista we need big windows and ceilings as high as possible,
these are some ideas I'm liking...
we are no where near ready for decorating, we're at the taking out walls stage not.

but, it's a dream now and in a few weeks it will become reality if all
goes well.

the good part is that this property is not so far from Houston
that it's tiring to drive, it's about 3 hours.
sometimes I can come & go the same day.

love this table & the chairs & the light fixtures, but couldn't work with those curtains, 
just need more dramatic openings I think.

and don't think I'm being extravagant, we have so much stuff in storage
lockers we can re-purpose a lot of it for this house.

it's still not fit to photograph,
but one of the bedrooms is coming along really well.

so there is a place to sleep, then you open the door to redo mayhem.

but, one step at a time...

Kentucky Derby coming up next weekend.
I won't be going to the actual  Derby this year...
but to a way fabulous soiree here in Houston...
outfit post coming up shortly.

now, which horse should I pick?