Monday, May 6, 2013

"By Invitation Only" May 2013 Post, the last until September....

welcome to our monthly international blog party

International Blog Party

this month's theme was simply 


which will give those participating a lot of latitude in interpretation, won't it?

Because of the belief that Arthur will return, he is sometimes called 
The Once and Future King 
and Camelot itself has come to not only be viewed as a place, 
but as a state of mind or a reflection of a lost ideal.

for me, I will always remember playing the sound track from the play
in our home, the total happiness in hearing the music sung by 
Richard Burton & Julie Andrews

It's May, It's May
The Merry Month of May

& the evocativeness of Camelot in the Kennedy administration.

The mythical Camelot's location was never known,
however, I believe the idea of Camelot can be anywhere.

So to me, Camelot is an ideal situation or place.


for me, Camelot was always being at home,
making the home as beautiful as I could,
enjoying parties with our friends,
our children having parties,
like most women, I suppose.

travelling all around the world, loving some of the places we visited enough to
want a 2nd home there, but never with the thought of leaving our home in Texas,
or leaving Texas for that matter.

ideal or idyllic mean many different things to each of us. 

the total perfection of the butterfly.

the writings of Vicki Archer

the beauty of a well-dressed man.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

or the love of a certain place
in this case, Positano, Italy

& while there will always be something for which we strive,
I've come to understand what "ideal" really means to me.

I think this must come first for me for how can anyone find the ideal in their life
if they are not secure, both in themselves and in their home.

Love of family & friends & dogs.

Smiling when I know my children are happy, 
because that makes me the happiest.

 Not being perfect.

Always learning.

Never to bore anyone.

Always be interested in everything. 

&, finally, understanding that nothing is forever really. 
the beautiful butterfly flies away, the flowers wilt.
that life is a process of renewal.

to be unafraid of renewal and change is, to me, "ideal."

the love of Camelot as an idea began when we were young...
what if?  absolutely, we can do this !
all will be set right!

  I will always love the idyllic place of "Camelot"
 & King Arthur is still my favorite character ever.
I always have a place for him at the table, 
& it always makes everyone laugh just like I wanted it to.

Camelot is right here in my own backyard.

my little girl who is expecting her first, a little boy,
shown here in the Texas hills with all the Texas wildflowers.


"By Invitation Only" will be on hiatus June, July & August,
returning in September for our monthly posts.

to all of the ladies of our group, please know how much each of your contributions are valued.
I often think how much your friendship & support means to me,
even if you miss a post or two,
and many are missing today with family illness, work, life, all the normal stuff that
gets totally in the way of blogging.