Saturday, May 4, 2013

too pretty....

this started out to be about the lovely swim suit below,
but I drifted....

on the serious side tomorrow....

my horse, Revolutionary, came in 3rd.

big congrats to those of you who chose "Orb"  and especially to

on with the prettiness



the "drive-in movie" pencil is no longer available

all the rest, in stock



  1. don't ask me why! this is my favorite of all your posts.....EVER!!

    Maybe...because..the Kentucky Derby winner was the last horse "Schub"sp? Was ever going to train! He retires today! Also, he was from the "Phipps" family breeders.....(my husband went to school with "Denny"!)

    and, I think I heard it was the first Kentucky Derby for the Phipps (and another name) stable too! After decades of breeding magnificent race horses!

    I was completely thrilled that the race went so well; no horses nor jockeys were hurt!!!!



    ps One of my favorite people (a client also) in the entire world was a race horse trainer! Eddie Gregson! He trained a horse who won the "Roses" (Kentucky DerbY) also!

    A lovely race! I learned from my friend.....Carole......that when it is muddy....the jockeys wear googles.....lots of them.....and pull them down....when they can no longer see! Yikes! What a great race!

    Every one (horse and jockey) was covered with mud! Fantastic!!!

    1. Penelope, YOU are one of my favorites every single day. A woman of vast creativity and intellect, passion, wisdom and wit. I love all of it to pieces. Thank you for this beautiful comment, my darling friend.

  2. lovely, lovely Marsha... don't know about the horsies... but do love that swimsuit... :) xv

  3. Hi Marsha,
    Love your blog, love the gorgeous pictures, and love the music. Thanks, for the daily respite! Have a wonderful day.

  4. I bet Revolutionary too.
    That violette blouse is to dye for.
    Well the weather in Maine is Glorious, out
    to the garden I go.. Big hug Marsha.

  5. Those pics made my day...
    calming really
    love this post.

  6. this is like my gosh. I love the swimwear like crazy. beautiful pieces

  7. I love it all! What a beautiful swim suit, and those pencils!!!! Love them! Marsha you always find such beautiful images and your music makes me smile and sing along!

    Enjoy your week!

  8. Congrats to your horse and I love reading Penelope's comments...she always has something interesting to read...


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