Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Grand Passion

you know how beautiful the perfectly ripe peach smells,
the peach that just reaches out for your hand,
the one you must eat right that very minute?

well, one of my girlfriends brought over an entire flat of those yummy things yesterday.

she found a deal,
the entire box for $5

every single peach, perfection,
the entire house smells like fresh peaches.

too too wonderful....

I remember one year, as we were driving through Italy,  my husband's passion for peaches
overcame good sense, we stopped on the roadside and he bought as many as he could carry.

they smelled delicious too.

I just had to eat one in the car.
peach juice all over my Armani outfit, I arrived at some wonderful hotel looking like I had been
wearing the same outfit for a week...he just explained why...and they all died laughing.

it's a passion, isn't it?