Thursday, June 13, 2013

Awesomeness of White + Some Splenderosa Love

there is nothing more perfect than white to my mind,

you guys are going to D.I.E. over this whimsical 3-strand necklace,
made of Acrylic Chain
it's $49, and ours alone
email us if interested, we only have 3

You have to follow this blog, it’s really awesome!

now, wasn't that a nice little break?

& now for the Splenderosa love,
I've just received this email from a lovely woman who ordered 
our Pink/Beige Hobo Bag with Metallic Ring Handles,
here it is:

Dear Marsha,

I just received my spectacular bag and I'm in LOVE!  I know it's a thing and we really can't love things, but this bag is so beautiful.  The picture does not do it justice.  I want to show it on my blog, tell people about you and your fabulous jewelry and accessories.....I could go on and on.  Truly, it even smells like soft and gorgeous!  I'm sure I'll be getting asked where I bought it and I will proudly send people your way.

I needed this today since I've literally been MUCKING OUT my daughter's suite upstairs getting ready for family to arrive tomorrow for the weekend.  Feeling like the village scullery maid I walked out on our front porch and there was the white box with your return address.  All of a sudden I felt my energy coming back and the anticipation mounting as I opened the box.  

You have made my day....and it's not the first time!!!!  I am definltey meeting you in Charleston....bag on shoulder!  That's how you'll recognize me!

Love, love and big hugs,



  1. Awesome indeed ;-) I LOVE the pant suit in the 4th pic...stunning!
    Hope you're well Marsha

  2. Marsha,my dear,wonderful Marsha................:)))*

    You blows me away with all these gorgeous WHITE choices of you!!!
    What is most nicest than white....?!
    HUGE wonderful choices,thank you for these delightful pleasure:)))*


  3. LOVE white Marsha; it's the epitome of summer for me . Hope you are well Sweets x

  4. Beautiful images Marsha....that last photo is incredible!! Xx

  5. This has inspired me. I'm looking for a while, white daytime summer dress. Let me know if anyone has seen any knockouts. Thanks.

  6. WHOA! SOOOO gorgeous. Love love love all white and wear it all the time. Great letter to get from another satisfied customer too!

  7. I Love white! Enjoyed all the pretty pictures!

  8. White has always been my go to color, for just about of course I love the post! Love the white necklace and will be ordering it!

  9. Oh wow, what a fabulous collection of photos. I adore white, and take quite a lot of ribbing from family and friends for it. They almost always know what I'm going to say when they ask for decorating help- something white. :) Do you have any idea of where that photo of the restaurant overlooking the mountains is? XO N.G.

  10. I love everything about this post Marsha; white is my crush (that photo with the white outfit and aqua bag is gorgeous) and your necklace! Fantastic way to start the weekend! I thank you for contacting me to let me know about the books! HUGS ALWAYS SWEET MARSHA! Anita


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