Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Pink Reprise

Pretty in Pink Bride's Luncheon Partyreprise from a 2010 post

There are 4 tables of 5 for the Pink Bride's Luncheon

Each table featured little arrangements of various flowers
...nothing the same on each table

varying heights of arrangements, but all opulent.
Pink Votives, Little Table Favor Boxes with Pink Ribbons

My partner & I create event themes in Houston, and have worked together for many years in luxury retail.  Our backgrounds give us an opportunity to be creative in a variety of areas and she is considered to be the absolute BEST party planner ever.
Everything she does is considered down to the most infinite level...nothing is overlooked.

Together we create a beautiful party, with a lot of whimsy and fun, but always spectacular.
Mostly you will find me to be completely over-the-top...which is fun sometimes.
So, along with my jewelry designing and critiques of current runway fashions in a tongue-in-cheek way perhaps you will run across an idea or 2 which anyone can incorporate into their
 own parties.
Splenderosa Jewelry 
I might have worn to this party



    1. Oh so pretty! You are so talented, Marsha.

    2. When I read this post Marsha,I think about your absolutely amazing experiences from your wonderful past time....from some years ago!

      HOW unbelieveble great is all those ideas must being and I know for sure,also for today.
      I am in love with you bracelets and earrings:)))*

      Wish you beautiful weekend,my dear friend,


    3. oh this is all so very inspiring!!!!! many hugs to my beautiful friend xox


    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, each of them mean so much to me. After all, the interaction is the reason we blog. xx's