Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fall Merchandise Question + Necklace GIVEAWAY

my dear readers will you advise me on this?
I already have a fairly large selection of bags on our website,
however, Fall is coming and everyday we see new items.

should I order these?

they will retail for just under $100
& are the same merchandise you will find at Dillard's, Nordstrum, Macy's etc
retailing for much much more.
they are faux leather, but one cannot tell because they are beautiful to look at,
and are so nice to carry.

Large Hobo
18"  Wide X 12" Tall  X 7" Deep
faux leather
available in black, saddle tan, shaded red

Designer Inspired Hobo Bag - SH0017 BK

Small Satchel
13" Long x 8" Tall x 5" Deep
faux leather
available in the following colors



3-strand Fashion Jewelry Necklace
 beaded chains with glass pearls
 value $90

to enter,
must be a Splenderosa follower
& leave a comment.

giveaway going on until Saturday @ Noon Central



  1. I think the bags are great!!Especially for that price!
    xo Karolyn

  2. The second model does not appeal to me. The first one is great though.

  3. Thanks Marsha for visiting my blog. Just had fun going through your posts. I love the top bag especially in beige! The design is really pretty and I like that these are faux leather. Kind of nice.

    Looking forward to more posts from you and I'm following too!

    xxKim from California

  4. I especially like the first bag and think it would get a lot of use. It is big enough to carry all of one's stuff, but not overwhelming. I would take the black one and wear it at it is, but on occasion add some metal-tone chains to give it a little jewelry.

  5. I like the first bag best. I like the second one that looks black with charcoal handles, but the first is my favorite in all of the colors.

  6. Love the 3rd, tomato red sack....doesn't look like it's not leather. With all the different finishes designers put on the leathers these simply looks like a special finish!

  7. Love the 3rd bag, the tomato color is wonderful! With all the special finishes designers put on today's leather bags, it simply looks like it has a special finish!
    Love the 3 strand pearl necklace!!!
    Linda Floyd

  8. I'm a follower, thanks fort the chance! All of these bags are gorgeous!


  9. The black satchel bag is gorgeeeeous!

    Im a GFC follower!

  10. I got that email too! I don't know if you got my response or not but hopefully you did! We are in the midst of a family emergency so it took me until today to go "wait! Marsha is NOT on vacation in the Phillipines!!!"--I am so sorry you were hacked!


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