Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Memories of the Old Porch Swing....

while growing up I used to spend a lot of time with my grandmother, Mom-Mom.
I've written about her before, an amazing woman.
outside of her city house, on her front porch, was a wooden porch swing much
like the old one above.  we would sit and talk, watch the neighbors go by,
listen to music and read.  the swing made a squeaking sound that would
almost make me nauseous if I concentrated on it too much.

that swing was part of my growing up.

and today when I saw these photos I recalled all those past experiences.

a sleeping porch swing or swings,
can you imagine how much fun kids could have with this idea?

& this setting just calls out for a summer's cocktail, doesn't it?

do you have memories of your old porch swing?



  1. Love them especially the second photo! Thanks for stopping by!

    Marie Angelique

  2. I didn't have a porch swing; but I sure had a beloved "Granny"! She is such an enormous part of my life! (and she died when I was only 10!!!) My memories of her could fill a book!
    When our older girls were first pregnant (they married brothers; and were due two days apart!!) I said.......I know two other grannies are ahead of me with the "name pic"!! (they looked uncomfortable.....they are so sweet about everyone's feelings!!!)

    I said: "if no one wants it.....I would like to be called "Granny"!! They burst out laughing.....and said......"Don't worry! No one else wants "Granny"!!


    (that is what I called my beloved Grandmother! "Granny"!!!

  3. These swings are fantastic. We had a swing under the willow tree.
    Those are joyful memories, not a care in the world. The war was over,
    no more ration stamps. Bubble gum was back in the stores
    .I used to swing with Mom and watch fireflies and our wonderful
    Beagle dog we had for 14 years.Thanks for the memories, Marsha.


  4. they seem such a quintessential texas thing...i don't know if that is right or not, or whether i have read too many romanticised old american novels...but i always picture them swinging on a beautiful porch of a fabulous timber home there...

    not just for the children....i would like one too!!

    and what a lovely memory to have of your grandmother.

    hugs from wintery melbourne x

  5. When I was growing up, my grandparents and all of my friends grandparents slept in the summer on a sleeping porch. You can imagine what it must be like not to have air-conditioning to sleep in the south. However, houses were built differently then. My grandmother's home had 14 foot ceilings and lots of windows for ventilation. And of course, screen porches.

    In the seventies we remodeled a cottage on South Blvd in Houston in the Rice area that was almost all windows with high ceilings and the back portion of the master bedroom had once been a screened sleeping porch. You've brought back lots of good memories today Marsha.

  6. Yes,Marsha:)
    I have also like you experience with a swing....
    I close my eyes and can almost feel those swinging :)))
    Really stunning......
    Such so impressed by you story about you grow up by Mom Mom....

    The second one picture invite me to be there!

    Love you,

  7. What a lovely memory of your Mom-Mom...I would love to enjoy a big glass of sweet tea on a porch swing today! xoxo

  8. Is there anything more relaxing and synonymous with southern living than the front porch swing? Sandy is right when she suggests adding a tall glass of sweet tea to the mix.

  9. Probably because I was raised in a mid-century house that had only a tiny front porch, living in a house with an ample front (or better, wraparound) porch has become my first priority in choosing our next house. Installing a swing on that porch will be my first contribution to that house. Thank you for sharing your lovely memory of front porch time with your Mom-Mom. Leslie in Portland, Oregon

  10. We have a swing. It's by the fire pit in the backyard. It needs to be reupholstered. I love the idea of mattress ticking, Marsha!

  11. I would like to have one
    thank you Marsha to post it


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