Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Little New Baby Grand-Son

my daughter, Vanessa,  just sent this to me, the 8-weeks-old photo.
William Colton Harris
aka Colt

look at those eyes !

she's always wanted to be a mother, she loves babies,
so now she has everything she ever wanted, 
a wonderful husband, William, and this little angel,
and a whole lot of people who love them all.

she is nothing like me, she's a stay-at-home in the USA girl,
loves the country life, doesn't like sequins or glitter on anything,
wears boots & hats & jeans,
loves country music & musicians,
honky-tonks & shooting pool.

but is refined, elegant and very very funny,
a corporate executive spa consultant/designer,  who has retired (forever, I think),
& is enjoying the simple life.

she turned down getting married in Sorrento to
getting married in Gruene, Texas in a big white tent.

I love her, but you knew that, didn't you?

love from Lake Como, my friends...