Sunday, August 4, 2013

Monday, Monday....

we have been warned that the heat index could be 105-108f today.

a hot August night is coming

so I found something pretty cool for you guys to see today....

Entry Hall at Mercer House in Savannah

a fine antebellum home 

the Flash Sale went very well, lots of orders to fill & ship out...
then we will concentrate on completing our orders for
& adding the new merchandise to the website.

I'm taking a really quick hop to Dallas, one of my girlfriends is
celebrating her anniversary and they are having a beautiful
party for themselves.
isn't that nice?

a girl's luncheon for us,
a guy's golf game for them,
dinner party for everyone.

the gentleman taught me how to fly fish in Aspen years ago,
there were a few houseguests in their home there who didn't have a clue
how to fly cast.   so here we were knee-deep in the river...the challenge:  cook what you catch !
I was the LAST person to catch a fish that day
& they have never let me forget it.



  1. Marsha,

    How I am happy for you....:)*
    Yes,your flash sale is good and there is coming more by you!
    Just realy fantatsic prospects,my dear friend!!!

    Love you and wish you not so hot days there...


  2. I went there 3 years ago and it is worth a visit!

  3. What a beautiful entry way! Enjoy your time in Dallas with your friends and stay cool!


  4. Such a gorgeous hallway. Have a wonderful time in Dallas Sweets xx

  5. Oh, so long since I've set foot in Savannah and it's such a beautiful city. Love that entry way...


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