Friday, August 2, 2013


hi everyone, happy weekend to you.

Splenderosa is having it's 1st ever 

50% OFF any item in Fashion Jewelry or Handbags
website reached by clicking the "Shop Splenderosa" icon at right.

Saturday & Sunday ONLY

this time you must send a photo of the item you wish to purchase,
and we will send you a PayPal invoice for the correct amount + shipping.

email us

we just don't have time to mark down all the items and then return them to normal
prices again...please understand and stay with us on this.

& remember, we do not buy anything in depth,
so please understand if we are sold out.

happy shopping
& even if you don't purchase tell me what you think of this idea ?



  1. LOVE the idea, have to go right now to my daughters but will be back tonight to look! XO

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  3. Brilliant idea my friend.... sharing this on twitter!!! Hugs, C. (HHL)

  4. Flash Sale....Wooow,Marsha!

    I hope so much that this way is one of the wonderful ways to sale...
    And I think that a lot of fashionista womans would be happy with you action,truly!:)*

    Sending to you my Sunday hugs,dear friend!


  5. Hi Marsha! It's a great idea in my view (: as I like sales any day!!
    My iPad won't let me browse your shop though so I can only do it at home which is ok ... Just not sure why that is.
    I think earrings are the best accessory ... Because they are less in the way of handling kids((: and can always wear them....
    I also think I don't have enough of those!!
    Xox z


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