Friday, September 27, 2013

More Flawless...

SPLENDEROSA:    Totally love this!

Rachel Zoe


Style - essential details

SPLENDEROSA:  My idea of perfect.  Monochromatic, clean, sleek, calming.  A place where the people create the excitement, not the decor.

the look I love

new items soon to be in the shop,
the little black drawstring bag just caught my heart, it is just so wonderful
the ID Dogtag Necklace is very heavy chain, looks amazing.

lots going on in Houston, Fall is definitely here and soon the air will be crisp
& clean, we'll actually put on a jacket or sweater, and even have an espresso
outside at a small cafe.

& instead of embarking on a grand new venture,
I think I will finish the country house
& plan for the holidays, gathering all my friends, dogs & family around me,
like the warm sweater I just spoke of.

"By Invitation Only"
next Tuesday

this time it's about fashion !!!!
in a funny, quirky way.



  1. Lovely images Marsha. Planning for the holidays already? You are so organized. I am trying to pretend it's months away ;-) xx

  2. You have such a beautiful blog! The first outfit is fabulous!


  3. Wonderful use of golds and greens in the "tablescape" Always a favorite colorway for me.

  4. Loving that bag .. such fun!! Great photos. I so hear you about preparing for the holidays with family. We are back at our home in the country - after spending a couple weeks at our city home. Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away here in lots to do before than. Happy week-end my friend. Hugs C. (HHL)

  5. Marsha,
    So beautiful choices again of all those looks!:)))
    Love the black one long skirt with a black jacket and soft hazel colour of the dress and long coat!!!
    I am so curious for the next edition of "By Invitation Only".....:)))
    Wishing you blissful beautiful weekend,my dear friend!

  6. Beautiful fashions. The camel hair coat is fabulous - who is the designer? Thanks.


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