Thursday, October 10, 2013

Back to Italy

Vietri sul Mare
Amalfi Coast
just an ordinary little house overlooking the Mediterranean Sea

the kind of outfit you would wear by day when you visit

perfection for the evening

it's the rainy season now, it begins on the very day the Italians choose.
the rain is a light misting rain, not a downpour, but it does rain off & on continuously.

this time of year you see a very different coastline.
the tourists are gone for the most part,
but life goes on, of course.

taking a boat out to Capri becomes an adventure, you have no idea if you
will be drenching wet or dry and, therefore, you have so many more reasons to have
a glass of wine.

the restaurants & shops are all still open, just less crowded...

have you noticed that "everyone" seems to love the same places?
otherwise there would be no crowds in the places we all want to visit.

the chill is a bit in the air in Houston, the weather of gorgeous X10,
we are lapping it up.

everyone in town is sitting outside at all the little cafes,
visiting with friends,  enjoying life...



  1. I think you just inspired my next abstract painting, that photo os the coast is stunning!
    xo Karolyn

  2. Such a very beautiful painting or may be this is the photo....dreamy nice place to be!:)*


  3. I love the evening look! Beautiful post as always!


  4. gorgeous! I think I need to move to Italy!!!


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