Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pretty Awesome....

all she is missing is this wonderful necklace found in our shop

darling, perfect outfit for our Houston fall weather...



  1. I'm agree with you! That necklace is wonderful and perfect for that outfit ;)

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  2. I am in love with that skirt!


  3. Hello Marsha
    Adorable outfit and yes the necklace is spectacular too


  4. Morning darling Marsha. So sorry to be away a good while, ooh! I love her pencil- skirt!! Thank goodness pencils are back so elegant and a great length, I hate the fashion for wearing short mini- skirts with those high heels...too tarty in my opinion. And platform shoes...cor I mean most woman walk in them like they're wearing diving boots, not a nice sight in my opinion.
    I love your necklace, it would look the business with this outfit.
    Hope you are doing ok and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    Many Blessings to you and.........hugs too x

  5. Great look. Now Marsha, Renee and I are wishing you and family a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    We are having friends and Neighbors over for Thanksgiving Diner. Hope you have great weather, looks like snow here.



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