Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Dressing...

do you actually see gentlemen dressed like this?
we in Houston do.
most people don't realize what a big, international city Houston is, a business city.
and we have a huge social set, so at a holiday party it would not be
unusual to see a man attired thusly.
and it's so nice as the world is mostly casual these days.

love the younger vibe of this look

and the older vibe of this one

 we never see this.
do you?
but what a great photo.

ahhhh this coat (though it looks too small as shown here),
this jacket, the shirt & tie....oh yes, so so pretty.

what are your guys wearing during this holiday season?


to the membership of our lovely "By Invitation Only" I would like to express
my pure joy that so many of us posted on Tuesday.

I truly believe this to have been our best effort ever.
loved the many varied takes on the Christmas Cocktails theme.

brava Tina !!

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

& love to each of you, my very special friends.



  1. LOL re the older vibe of this one. Nice inclusion. We do see a couple of gents around our tropical climes as sartorially splendid as those boys, but thongs (as in in rubber flip flops) and shorts are more common!.xx

  2. I love this post! I think it is fun to see the different way men dress and "style" themselves.


  3. I used to see those man in Milan! But I would like to see even more!
    New post:
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  4. Love seeing a man dressed up like this, thankfully my husband has great taste and dresses really well(in my opinion). His dad was a impeccable dresser always had a sports coat on and a hat, just like the ones you showed so it immediately reminded me of him. I would love to see hats make a comeback for men! I agree this past BIO was such many got in the spirit, I so enjoyed making the "cocktail party circuit" all from the comfort of my own home!

  5. Great post Marsha. This look is gaining popularity quickly in the UK. My daughter and her boyfriend have an online store selling vintage gentleman's attire and it's doing very well. They don't make 'em like they used to. They have a wonderful collection of woollen waistcoats, Harris Tweed jackets and large shouldered overcoats. I love the look.

  6. is rare in California to see men dressed so well, but it is a treat when they do. All your pictures are yummy! I suppose the same is true of the women--me included. You make me want to do better.


  7. NO,afraid I do not see much of this here in California!I would hope the EAST COAST still dresses and GOOD to hear HOUSTONIANS do the same!What happened to dressing ……….to me it is a LOST art.Perhaps, I need to dash over to TEXAS!!!

  8. Great post Marsha :) I love men lol ... and TEXAS :)

  9. I love to see a well-dressed man. Unfortunately, my husband prefers his adopted Pacific Northwest all-weather gear to the gentlemanly togs of his New England roots. I'm hoping to get him into his tux, though, for our black tie event on Friday. No Gortex allowed! XO

  10. I love a well dressed man, I may have to visit Houston :) I bought a stylish navy Linen suit for my son for xmas, he likes to present himself well and always has nice clothes on, he has a bright future ahead :)


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