Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Perfection !!

gloriousness X10
look at her red hair, the emerald green gown, the handbag with hot pink, some jewels,
and a dash of leopard,
& the giant star earrings.

if I were still outfitting ladies at Sak's 5th Avenue this is the kind of
thing I would do.

they might fuss, say it was too much, they were too shy...
I would convince them to "just try it" ...
every single time they would call to tell me how EVERYONE JUST RAVED,
they had never received so many compliments,
& from the husbands too.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, darling friends.

I am so busy with this large party we are having on Sunday,
the house is done, I'll have pics soon, I promise...just waiting on a couple
of items to be delivered.

& after the party I am taking off from the blog and the shop until
membership post returns on
JANUARY 2nd, the first Tuesday of the month.

I think the subject will be

"How will we change going forward."
what important thoughts or deeds can we do to help the world.
or even our next door neighbor.
you know the saying, "If you change nothing, nothing changes."

I am so gratified to have each of you visit me and leave comments, this is the
best kind of validation.

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