Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Today's Wishes...

you know I've been a really good girl all year
(probably too good for my own good)

and so I'm asking for just a few things in your sleigh

not boxes and boxes, like this:
which is what I used to get

but a new little face who looks up to me
and knows for all our lives we will be together, snug and warm and happy

along with a little comedy from time-to-time

& a touch of whimsy

the strength to carry on my day-to-day life without complaint, because sometimes I really really want to complain majorly...

to have my children and grandchildren know I love them more than life.

& hopefully, throw the best Christmas Cocktail Buffet Party in Houston, Texas this year.

to find this shoe to go with that Rodarte dress,
then I would know what I'm wearing to my own party on Sunday,
which I casually stated was "casual."

& I had thought this Matthew Williamsom bag,
but no, I've decided on something much simpler, I'll be at home,
don't really need a handbag, except for lipgloss evey 1/2 hour...
so something I already own in a crystal embellished heart shape, all red on a gold chain,
a gift from my 2nd husband, the one who is very very ill.

& the last thing, as Mariska Hargaty said:
Being thin is not more important than enjoying life