Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's to my girlfriend, the HEART woman, Warner Roberts...

my iconic Houstonian girlfriend of many many years
loves hearts, she even has a heart shaped inlay in her entry hall,
and in her entry hall it looks perfect.

when she sees the sky this is what she sees

when I see her, this is what I see.
laughter, love, and light.
above all, the light

all of the holidays mean so much to her, and if you're her friend they will mean
more to you than they ever did.

she is a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a writer, a tv personality, a famous model,
a singer, a wildly witty wonder woman, a designer, a dog lover, and a best friend
to so many.

she wears RED

she is one of the ladies who lunch, but ONLY a certain places
of course, she would be wearing shoes like this,
standing upon her own star.

she is a major party-planner and has promoted and given so much to charitible causes
throughout the years I've known her.

in fact when I met her she was chairing a committee for one of the largest galas in Houston.
there were 1200 people expected to attend.
so 120 tables...those of you who know about charitible galas...know how huge this was!

she calmly said to me, "Blondie, it'll be your job to get 2-dozen long stemmed
American Beauty roses for each table."

How do I do that?
you see, I was new to the committee-member scene.

the only thing I knew for certain was that I certainly did not want to disappoint her !

and, I didn't disappoint her.  
2880 long stemmed American Beauty Roses,
all donated, all arranged exactly alike.
240 dozen.
donated by 12 of Houston's florists for this event.
every single one of these florists were delighted to be asked, 
I was delighted they accepted,
& Warner was delighted when she walked into the room and saw them.




& to everyone who has been inspired by her.

the woman who gives a heart-shaped object to you each time you see her,
who always answers her phone, for anyone, everytime.

the person who taught me so much and who is still teaching me.

I love you, babe !