Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What Makes A SuperModel Great?

I just saw Gisele's new Pantene commercial for the 1st time.

of course, she is beautiful & perfect as their ambassador.
the commercial makes you believe you should go back to Pantene immediately.

but, if you want to know WHY Gisele is so highly paid and SO busy,
please click on the link

and watch the video of her commercial.


her personality is infectuously attractive, 
she is so alive she's like a magnet drawing you in.

maybe I'm the last to realize this !

I saw her a few weeks ago on Jimmy Fallon and her real-life self is exactly
the same as the commercial.

now I know why Tom Brady married her.

all the best, my's a busy Wednesday here in Houston.

back to fashion shows later, from Milan.