Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Is there any woman alive who does not watch SCANDAL?
I don't know any.

For me, Scott Foley is the heart throb of the show, not the President.

And, NOW !!!

Look at this !!

that smile...

Scott Foley, Charisma

Scott Foley, Charisma

oh well, I've been in love with Scott since he starred in "The Unit" another TV show from some
years ago.

do you guys know Scott Kellerman Foley, age 41?

if not please see one of the "Scandal" shows soon, it oozes with crisis X10,
but somehow Scott's character, Jake, stays above the fray...
except that he is madly in love with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington),
& I truly believe him as a very good guy.

isn't this a brilliant coup for those marketing people at Charisma?
imagine this ad appearing in all the women's magazines?
you would notice too, wouldn't you?