Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Is there any woman alive who does not watch SCANDAL?
I don't know any.

For me, Scott Foley is the heart throb of the show, not the President.

And, NOW !!!

Look at this !!

that smile...

Scott Foley, Charisma

Scott Foley, Charisma

oh well, I've been in love with Scott since he starred in "The Unit" another TV show from some
years ago.

do you guys know Scott Kellerman Foley, age 41?

if not please see one of the "Scandal" shows soon, it oozes with crisis X10,
but somehow Scott's character, Jake, stays above the fray...
except that he is madly in love with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington),
& I truly believe him as a very good guy.

isn't this a brilliant coup for those marketing people at Charisma?
imagine this ad appearing in all the women's magazines?
you would notice too, wouldn't you?



  1. You are too funny, and will probably kill me but I dont watch Scandal..there I said it! I rarely watch TV and when I do its usually a boring British show-haha! But after seeing this I may have to take a peak over at Scandal now!

  2. Ohhhhhhhh Marsha, thank you for the great Wednesday Surprise! Have a wonderful day.

  3. Marsha, Scandal is one of my favorites and I am Team Jake all the way. (The President totally bugs me! Wish Olivia would get over him already!) Love this campaign! XOXO

  4. Quel bel homme... je ne le connaissais pas. Une grande lacune !! sourire.

  5. How Jennifer Garner walked away from this beefcake is beyond me. I too love him on Scandal. I hope he stays as a major cast member until the end!

  6. Oh dear lord, I had to open this post the second I saw his picture! I LOVE that he joined Scandal. I have to say, I've never been one to get all hung up on celebrity guys, but this one, well, he's definitely got my attention ;-)

  7. Sorry Marsha, I do not watch Scandal either. I am not much for TV except PBS but I know others who enjoy the show.

    I do love these photos though, a very hansom man.

  8. I must make a confession too Marsha, I have never seen Scandal...I know I must be missing something but I've been so blasted busy that I just never take time to watch TV at all. It's hard to get me to sit long enough for an occasional movie. I will bite though & watch it only for you. It's bad I know, not proud of but what can I say. He is pretty damn gorgeous though. The towels go well with his eyes.

  9. We NEVER watch the idiot box heard of the show or him...prolly gay !!!

  10. I do NOT KNOW SCANDAL.Must check it out!
    I did spy that WEDDING RING FRONT and CENTER in a couple of the photos YOU showed!Wonder if his wife shops at SPLENDEROSA.COM!!!!!!!!

  11. Well, Marsha.....I am a daily reader of your blog and have purchased some beautiful pieces from your shop. I am a woman....and definitely, alive......and have not seen one episode of SCANDAL, but thanks to you, I can always pretend to be informed. Enjoyed this post!

  12. I can't see Scandal in the UK, but SO loved Scott when he was in the Unit ;-)

  13. You now know one gal who does not watch SCANDAL.


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