Wednesday, May 21, 2014


  La Sirenuse

there is no better way to end a beautiful day


  1. Lucky lady! I love it there(((: and my fav movie is under the toscan sun where she goes there and drinks the lemon liquor ((:

  2. This is truly heaven on earth...just spectacular!

  3. Bonjour chère Marsha,
    Un lieu si pittoresque et romantique comme la douce musique qui accompagne ce délicieux billet.

    Gros bisous ♡

  4. AND my GIAMPIERO makes it!HOME MADE by real ITALIAN hands and better come WEST!!

  5. OMG....!!!
    All these images makes so invited to the world of Italy!!!
    Beyond gorgeous atmosphere and SO magnificent place....

    Wish you beautiful day,my dear friend:)


  6. Positano is stunning. I hope to be lucky enough to travel there again. Thanks for the photos!

  7. Would love to see that part of Italy some day but I have never acquired a taste for Limoncello!! Give me a Nebbiolo instead!

  8. My favorite places in the whole. wide. world. I felt at home there, not sure why, just did. Gorgeous images Marsha! For me, that liqueur is an acquired taste.

  9. Just beautiful. You might enjoy a lovely book I've come across on the Italian coast, Ligurian rather than Amalfi, called "Food Wine: The Italian Riviera & Genoa", by David Downie. Not a travel guide, he gets down into the terroir of what makes food and place special, and I think the specialness applies to the coast down south to Amalfi, as well.

  10. Che bello Marsha my dearest...what a beautiful place Positano is, a heaven on earth.......and you make it feel so close, as if we can feel and taste the magic

    I think it is time for you to return, 'ritorno al Sorrento' !! It is all just waiting for you......

  11. Beautiful Positano...I can smell it.....have a truly, wonderful time xx


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