Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Seasons & Suppers

as I've mentioned we have a few big pots trying to grow heirloom tomatoes.

alas, I went to my girlfriend's house the other evening and HER
tomatoes are now 3-4 feet tall & loaded with little tomatoes.

ours are about 8"
& nothing.

I love tomatoes, especially the home-grown ones, the ones you eat at room temp.
with just a dash of salt, nothing else.

yesterday while dreaming on TUMBLR I came across the best photo I've ever seen
of a "tomato dish" from this lovely place called

this lovely 
Warm Roasted Tomato, Onion, Feta Salad

Warm Roasted Tomato, Onion and Feta Salad

if you click on her link above you'll find the recipe and a cute little story of how this evolved,
and when & how she served it.

the recipe is printable, which is the 1st thing I did when I saw it.

I'm now following her! 

at this point all I can do is buy some big tomato plants already bearing fruit and
bring them home and swear they are mine !!

on another note,
we have changed landscaping people.
enough said.



  1. OH< those little tomatoes..........are they in full sun?Let the hose drip for while at a low low trickle.They need deep root watering!
    People that own companies..........and do not listen or do as they wish with no intention of following your vision?SORRY, those people are everywhere and it drives me NUTS!Our money is perfect,but seldom the work!For example,here just now a painter is here painting windows as the windows failed.......for the 2nd time!So, we had them re-placed again and now have hired a painter.Another major expensive.He just knocked on my door could he borrow our ladder he forgot HIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That is part of his equipment........NO?

  2. That tomato, onion and feta dish looks scrumptious. I went to the local farmer's market last week and picked up fresh fixings for ratatouille (tonight), but with plenty of tomatoes such that I've been enjoying tomato, fresh basil, spinach, and parsley salad.

    With a light homemade vinaigrette? It's heavenly.

    (I will have to wait for the next farmer's market run to whip up this roasted tomato dish you found! And #2 prodigal son has just returned from a semester abroad, and of course he's going to want to eat, eat, eat... )

  3. This looks fantastic! Everything I love. Merci!

  4. Hello dear Marsha
    Im sorry for your tomatoes, I do not grow them but I believe they are tricky. Maybe feeding them? we use a food here called Tomorite ( I put it on my geraniums :) Brava to you for keeping going with the garden and landscaper, remember Audrey Hepburn said ' to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow'
    I have been watching your tumblr page....it is DIVINE...my evening indulgence
    Gorgeous xxx

  5. Looks delicious have to add this one to my summer recipes!

  6. Marsha!!!
    I got a smile on my face and so happy feeling by!!!:)))
    Oh I know it for 100 % this recipe is absolutely delucious and it would be very tasty!


  7. That looks delicious!


  8. That salad is giving me ideas, since I am doing the marketing today. Thanks for sharing! I am off to check the recipe.

  9. Oh good heavens! In the Pacific Northwest we are just getting ready to plant those little ones. . .I'll hold on to the recipe until September when hopefully we too will have grown such lovelies.

  10. Next year try grafted tomatoes. A new way of growing. In my area (western Oregon), Log House Plants developed these (they are a breeder/wholesaler not retail). But by now they're available even outside of the Pacific NW. These grafted tomatoes -- absolutely amazing!!

  11. That tomato salad looks divine... I'm heading over to Pin it now!

    The Glam Pad


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