Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Normal Heart

I should have written this post as soon as I had finished watching this
HBO movie, "The Normal Heart"

Mark Ruffalo
Julia Roberts
Matt Bomer (from Houston)
Jim Parsons (from Houston)

as it truly was a masterpiece of film-making.

about the dark times for the gay men/women infected with AIDS
in the beginning of the crisis in New York City.

I watched this film alone, and I'm happy for this.
it brought out emotions I might not have expressed had I been with anyone.
almost everyone from the show has been nominated for an Emmy, as I predicted.

the film is excellent.
the characters are flawless.
all of the characters are flawless, even the ones not nominated.

the tenderness, the passion of Julia Roberts as a wheelchair-bound doctor treating these men 
is beyond belief.

Mark Ruffalo & Matt Bomer are a couple.  And, yes Mark Ruffalo pulled that one off brilliantly.

You MUST see this film!

spoiler alert:  there is nude love scene between Mark & Matt, and there is
a nude romp on Fire Island.   didn't bother me a bit.  I admired the actors for showing
what, to them, is normal love.

I know they all cannot win.
but they've already won, especially Jim Parsons & Matt Bomer,
showing different characters than the ones we are used to seeing.