Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Charlotte Rampling & NARS

nars cosmetics charlotte rampling ad 68 Year Old Charlotte Rampling Stars in NARS Cosmetics Fall Makeup Ad

According to WWD 68-Year Old Charlotte Rampling 
is featured in NARS Cosmetics' Fall Make-Up Ad Campaign.

Sort of like Marc Jacobs Beauty featured Jessica Lange, also in her 60's,
in their campaign.

see, it's never too late to be glamourous is it?

& I love it !!!



  1. I concur, dear Marsha. Just hope there's not too much photoshopping. Kind of defeats the purpose; mind you they are still in the campaign. Thank you for visiting Flora. I appreciate that you give me encouragement and kind words.

  2. She is the most enigmatic woman, something very powerful & beautiful behind that face. Helen xx

  3. Hello Marsha

    Charlotte has such mystique, style and grace. Happy to see the advertisers are appreciating this form of maturity and beauty.

    Hope your summer is going swell


  4. I have always like her. She's such a great actress!

  5. WOW, I want to look like this when I'm that age! I don't have too far to go if the good Lord accords a few more years to me! Marsha, what glamor and grace are found here. Thank you for visiting!

  6. Hi Marsha, Congrats oh so excited for you. This is such an honor and your home so deserving. I cannot wait to see you in the next issue.

  7. She is awesome and bravo to Nars for featuring her. I love it too!!
    xo ~J

  8. I have always been an admirer of Charlotte Rampling. She is a beautiful woman. Thanks for sharing.


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