Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Sunday Afternoon Dress

well, it just could not get any more wonderful than this !
I felt like I was watching my friend's wedding, you know?

her outfit is Giambattista Valli Spring '14 Couture
(he's Italian, of course)

now here are some shots taken from the runway of this beautiful dress
as I know you wanna see the details just like I did.
Amal actually looked more beautiful than the model.



  1. That is a stunning dress!


  2. The most gorgeous dress ever.....

  3. Hi Marsha,
    Thank you for sharing these pictures! What a gorgeous dress! And what a beautiful couple they are!

    1. & the most important of all is that the look so happy together.
      now I can love GC again, he has married waaaay up, and quit his fiddle-faddling aroung.

  4. I just pored over some images via Vogue AUS...
    Imagine bring in Venice and seeing that guest entourage!! Could Amal be any more beautiful AND smart???

  5. Hello Marsha
    Now that is style and original and ladylike too. That dress is a piece of art and I would hang it on the wall following the ceremony

    Thanks for this uplifting post

    Helen xx

  6. Love the dress only saw it from the waist wish it was a drop longer, not that she doesn't have the bod to carry it off she certainly does but to me it feels like it needs to be just a smidgeon longer but just seeing the love and happiness more than makes up anything.....its a beautiful sight!

    1. I agree, Tina. That was my 1st thought too. Just a couple of inches more.
      But, it is perfection isn't it? I mean, long sleeves, high neck, no jewelry, just the wedding rings.

  7. Lace with sequins flowers over it....Adorable beautiful bride look!:)))*
    Giambattista Valli is one of my favorites for today.....

    Made a little bit the same style for my clinet in August!

    Wishing you fantatsic end of September,Marsha:)*

  8. I read somewhere -- here? -- that Vogue has bought the rights to the wedding pix. Am hopeful that they, like Jolie and Pitt, will use these huge windfalls to forward their charitable efforts in the world.

    The dress is quite beautiful, but from the waist up. The too-short skirt made her legs look stick-like and awkward, and I kept imagining the comments being made among the photographers. Plus, I hate to see the objectification of such a very smart woman.

    1. Emm, I thought everyone would want to see the details of the gorgeous outfit (courtesy of
      Like Tina, I wanted it to be a smidge longer too.

    2. One of the websites -- Jezebel, maybe? -- had a great headline, to the effect: Smart, accomplished lawyer marries an actor.

      I loved that you showed all the details and close-ups of the dress, and am hoping that they'll be able to avoid the worst of the tabloid nonsense. Good wishes and much happiness to them.

  9. Replies
    1. Donna, he must have been waiting for HER !!!

  10. Stunning! Mr. Clooney definitely married up! Happy Monday, Marsha! XO

  11. The new American Royalty? Maybe. Such a stylish couple! xxRiè

  12. Gorgeous! (And she looks pretty, too. LOL) I'm usually not fond of the high-low hemline, but I suspect she can pull off any style. The perfect couple.


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