Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Great Room For Football TVing

in Texas football is BIG,
in our house we love NFL football,
but there are legions of people who are University of Texas Longhorn fans,
so somewhere there is always a party during football season.

this room via Houzz
is pretty wonderful isn't it?

plus we see this kind of thing pretty often when we're out in our hill country


I clean

looks like a mighty pretty stable area, doesn't it?
& it also shows that God intended all His children to love one another.



  1. Hello on Thursday morning, dear Marsha.
    Yes, it is a great football watching room! That u-shaped sofa is wonderful, and so are all the windows letting in lots of light!

  2. I can just see my kids jumping all over that sofa...perfect for a large crowd!

  3. awww the horse and the puppies are so precious! That is the perfect football room!


  4. Gosh I've never seen a sectional that big! Too cute photograph, big smile.

  5. Now that is a Texas size media room!! I wonder how many people can fit on that sectional!!


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