Saturday, October 4, 2014

Flawless...& Flawed

but, seriously guys, what does this photograph say to you?
taken at New York Fashion Week recently

Giovanna Battaglia, who just turned 35,  is flawless, as always.

but WTF does Anna, who is 52,  think she is doing?
she calmed down for awhile, but must have lost lots of publicity,
so now she's back at it...
a fashion person who got everything about this wrong.

dress is too young for her
dress is too short for her
actually, maybe the dress is too small for her.
the coat?
the apres ski boots?
& that hair !!   her hair is the worst of it, in my opinion.

to read more about Anna Dello Russo go here
to wikipedia

to read more about Giovanna go here

Giovanna from the back.
imagine having to deal with this everytime you go out.

September 2013

now now don't go thinking I'm a mean person,
Anna must be a lovely woman and good friend of Giovanna's as they are often photographed together.

it's not HER I'm criticising, it's her attire.

& she still has one of the world's best jobs, so she must have a brilliant,
creative mind.

any comments?