Tuesday, October 7, 2014

TV'ing Dining ?

don't know what meal this is,
but it makes me want to sit down and join the group.

isn't it so comforting?

IG: jaspall

& you know sometimes we just have to watch TV with a tray on our laps.

I'm loving the new show "Scorpion" with the genius's solving
Homeland Security problems.

Also, Tia Leone in "Madam Secretary."
love the mix of family with her high-priority political work.

"Person of Interest" has been jazzed up with the women
characters and a change-up in the hero's circumstances...
not my favorite, but still good.

"The Black List"
what can I say ?
it has James Spader!

believe it or not, I have not seen one episode of "Scandal"
it's all recorded so I'll sit down one evening and catch up.

but, I HAVE SEEN the new Charisma ad 
with Scott Foley (Jake on Scandal)
ummm ummmm ummm

Ladies ?

speak your mind !!